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Batman: Bat on the loose

2007-11-25 05:26:17 by Gus-Saldanha

Thankyou everyone for your votes, we made it to daily third place. It looks thought we ar enot making it to front page, but I hope I can find a way you all lovers of good super hero movies enjoy this piece. Thankyou!

Batman: Bat on the loose


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2007-11-30 18:32:39

Wow! that movie is so freaking cool! I really enjoyed it! I hope watch something neww from you very soon.


2007-12-16 19:28:05

The movie is great! and allow me to point out that it made it to the front page.


2007-12-18 22:01:38

Batman and DC heroes look like your idols sorry but the DC heros are pussies go with Marvel Heroes and they have better artist

Gus-Saldanha responds:

No because I dont think like you do.


2008-08-06 16:34:49

Mr.Saldanha is a classy fellow and I just thought I'd comment here to say so.